Topic 4: Tourism

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

Many developing countries place a lot of importance to tourism. Why is this? Do you think that this is a positive or negative development?


Essay 1:

Tourism plays an important role in most countries, especially developing ones. In my opinion, there are several reasons for this.

First, tourism can help boost the economy. When foreigners come to a country, they have to spend a lot of money finding a place to stay, using essential services, and going to some famous destinations. For example, if you arrive in India and you do not know Indian then you need to take a translator along during your trip, You also have to hire a tour guide to take you to interesting attractions, and there are still many other expenses. Therefore, the more tourists a country has, the more benefits its economy gets.

Second, when many travelers go to a country, it will create more job opportunities for local people. They’re likely to have the chance to find a good job for a living, such as tour guides, taxi drivers, souvenir sellers, businessmen, etc. Especially for developing countries where the standard of living of most people is not very high, these opportunities are immensely precious. Moreover, tourism can bring about cultural diversity and integration. It comes from the fact that visitors may spread their own cultures to the region they travel to as well as learn more about the customs and traditions of that area.

Another reason is that the relationships between countries would be better and more friendly because they have the opportunity to exchange their customs along with having a deeper insight into the characteristics of one another. More importantly, thanks to tourism, attractions like landscapes or natural wonders of a country will become more well-known among foreigners, which can make native people prouder of their hometown.

Despite all the reasons I have explained, there really are some negative effects of tourism. Certain visitors who are irresponsible tend to drop litter on streets or discard waste in public places, which inevitably results in serious pollution, puts heavy pressure on the environment as well. Next, cultural integration, however beneficial, can sometimes cause the loss of traditional beliefs, rituals, or customs. It’s because if we have adopted too many diverse cultures, we may even forget our traditions.

In short, development in tourism is positive and necessary, but there are several disadvantages that we need to deal with immediately.


Essay 2:

Tourism, the smokeless industry is supposed as the leading economic sector in all the countries in the world because of its great benefits for socioeconomic development that increases the living standard for citizens and impulse integration.

Many developing countries place a lot of importance on tourism because of its benefits. Playing a role as a smokeless industry, tourism has created many jobs or works for people of different ages. Even no need to work for companies, local citizens can create jobs by themselves through tourism like running homestay tours, organizing short tours to introduce traditional culture in local areas, selling souvenir…then this will solve a part of the unemployment status for countries. Besides that, tourism also makes advantaged conditions to introduce countries and people to international friends, attract investment capital, and learn experiences in building and developing countries. In addition, tourism development will impact positively on other fields such as the transport industry, production, and construction.

Of course, this will be a positive development because most tourists would like to discover the specific features of traditional culture, landscapes, and historical monument areas so all countries should find the best way to protect and maintain these things in order to attract tourists. Moreover, tourism exploration will increase the awareness of citizens about maintaining and preserving the environment, decreasing pollution, and focusing on building green spaces. However, tourism development causes some significant damages for cultural vestiges and tourist attractions places. And sometimes it is not easy to maintain and preserve the local traditional cultures as it was because following common tastes of tourists and profits, some local citizens have changed regional cultural characteristics beside and the cultural festivals have been commercialized. These bad things will lose the true tourists.

In conclusion, boosting the development of tourism is the right way in order to increase the living standard of citizens and decrease unemployment. However, Governments need to consider and apply stipulations to limit the damages caused by tourists.

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