Topic 6: Work

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

The only reason to work hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Essay 1:

There is a reality that many people consider the only reason to work hard is to make money as the most important factor in choosing a job because of the vital importance of money in our daily lives. For me, I still reckon that there are other considerations affecting our choice of professions.

Admittedly, money plays an important role in our daily lives. It not only helps us pay for our basic necessities but also other educational and recreational expenditures. Without money, we cannot have comfortable lives and satisfy other requirements in our materialistic and spiritual lives. However, I must admit that there are other considerations which play an essential role in choosing a job.

First of all, the harmony and friendliness in the working environment between the bosses and their employees, and between the colleagues themselves also play crucial importance to the happiness of the workers. Secondly, while some people only feel satisfied in their job when receiving encouragement and getting more skills and knowledge after fulfilling their duties, some employees that have ambition only feel pleased and excited when being promoted to a high position. In some cases, this happiness is more important than the one brought by high salaries. Finally, there are some people who choose their employments partly because they want to contribute to a noble cause such as doing voluntary works or doing military conscript. For example, in wartime, many youths voluntarily serve in the army to fight for the independence of the motherland without being paid for.

All in all, although big salaries have played a crucial role in our lives, I still believe that there are other factors playing an important part in working hard.


Essay 2:

Finding our purposes for working diligently is always a universal thing for our folks. Some people said that the only reason to work hard is to earn money. From my point of view, I strongly agree with this thinking for several reasons below.

For a variety of reasons, firstly, when looking deliberately into our modern society, it cannot be denied that treasure is a precise method to measure our success in life. Hence, whoever we are, we strive harshly in a severe competition in a light edge between becoming a winner or a loser in this stark reality. For example, in Korea, the poor are equal to people of low social standing who could be looked down on by others, and even the poor’s children could never have the same educational quality compared to the ones at the same age. That is one of the reasons why I prone to the idea that working hard is merely to earn cash.

Secondly, though several men today have to do a job that they do not prefer; however, when thinking of making more cash so that their loved ones could get a better life condition, it could become a huge incentive to continue their current job. For instance, my father always attempts at work every day, he is always busy even at the weekend, and I clearly know that all he does aim to give my family at best. Hence, I can feel the value of cash in our life, and that accounts for my strong confidence that working to earn money is the most necessary thing.

In conclusion, working hard to earn money is definitely the best choice in my life.

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