Topic 8: Planet

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

In the future, it may be necessary for us to live on other planets. For this reason, some people believe that we should spend money now to research other planets, such as Mars. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Essay 1:

Some people think that we must spend money now to research other planets where we will be able to live in the future. While I agree with the idea of spending money on discovering new places to live, I believe that we should also spend money on regenerating our living environment.

On the one hand, living on other planets is very necessary for us in the future. The reason is that our population is increasing rapidly and our natural environment is damaged. If we find other places to live, there will be enough space for the dense population and more green spaces for the city residents like parks, pavements instead of skyscrapers or high buildings.

On the other hand, I also think that spending money on regenerating our living environment is as important as spending on finding places to live. First, these days, our environment is being destroyed. There are no more trees around us, while the polluted lakes and rivers are now everywhere. Second, we are researching other planets to accommodate people who don’t have enough space to live, not to replace our current harbourage. Therefore, if we don’t improve the environment where we’re living at present, we won’t be able to live in a healthy and happy one in the future. Finally, it may be a very long time until we find out places to live so instead of spending all our money on trying to search for livable planets, we should spend a part of our money to make our living environment healthier than now.

In conclusion, I agree that we have to find other places which are livable for future generations to live in, but I don’t think that only spending money on searching is a good idea.


Essay 2:

These days when the Earth is getting more crowded and polluted, there is an idea that we should allocate some money to investigate life on other planets. However, I oppose to this idea as I believe we should ameliorate the Earth to be more inhabitable.

Firstly, I believe the budget needed for man to research other planets and travel to them outweigh that needed to rejuvenate the Earth. To investigate just one planet, such as Mars, which is not far from the Earth comparing to other planets, we need to allocate billions of dollars to assemble satellites, missiles, probes, etc. Life on Mars is arcane and embryonic. There is a cornucopia of constraints encumbering us from living there, which engenders an essential requirement to censor Mars with a fine-tooth comb. Is the soil there impermeable and inhabitable? Is the climate complementary to human? Means of transportation to bring human being to other planets is another issue to tackle, which also cost an arm and a leg.

In our modern days with human being’s intelligence and the help of developed technology, we can improve the Earth. Allocation for education in Africa, Asia, South America not only decreases poverty and illiteracy but it also makes a profound contribution to tackling overpopulation, which in turn affects the environment on Earth. Modern technology helps us create sustainable resources to use, appeasing negative impacts on the environment. For instance, we use solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy instead of oil, coal… We also clarify seawater into freshwater to drink.

Secondly, when it comes to morality, that we human being abandon the Earth after destroying it is like starting a war, destroying constructions, killing innocent people, creating catastrophes then leaving all behind in cold blood. I think it is our responsibility to atone for our sins. That the world is transforming in a negative way outside-in and inside-out is irrefutable. Pollution is ascribed to be a firebrand. But before resorting to other planets where many elements for life are still imponderable, why don’t we spend that allocation to rejuvenate the Earth one more time? We can make the Earth a more inhabitable place to live on when we are resolved to do so., with the help of modern technology. Only after we do that will we appreciate our planet and love our life. Only after we lose the Earth will we realize how precious it is.

For some aforementioned reasons, I believe we should allocate a budget to ameliorate the Earth instead of investigating various planets outside. After that, we will love our planet more and have a more responsible life.



Essay 3:

Due to COVID-19, nowadays, the world is being immersed into permanent economic crises and is facing a significant potential financial collapse when the economic situation is getting worse and worse every single day. As a result, I agree that the government should spend more money on innovating and improving our standard of living than on researching outer space, which swallows a colossal national budget.

There are two main reasons to support my view. Firstly, massive-scale space projects apparently demand a horrendous figure of expenses, which can reach up to hundreds of billions of dollars, whereas lots of people are still unemployed and some cannot even afford for basic needs of life. Therefore, they will not care how the Universe works once they have not got their acceptable income and happiness yet. Secondly, the central purposes of space projects are to find civilizations outside the earth and habitable planets just in case of that one day in the future, humans can leave our completely exhausting and exploited earth behind to evacuate to a new place. Sadly to say, the more we invest in this ambition, the farther we are from reality.  If money is not spent on appropriate and essential purposes such as the environment, people, pollution-free energy, … humans might get extinct before we can seek an alternative habitation.

In conclusion, I do not mean to object to researching space. Since science is the most basic and crucial rationale of any civilizations. Hence, governments by somehow have to enact new policies to balance the expenses between for daily life and for researching hostile space. Make sure we guarantee the stand of earth and fundamental necessity on earth before thinking of conquering the Universe.

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