Topic 5: Education

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

Some children find some school subjects difficult (for example maths or philosophy), so these subjects should be optional rather than compulsory. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Essay 1:


There is a long-standing debate if difficult subjects should be compulsory or optional. To a larger extent, I believe these subjects should be kept as a criterion of graduation, and in the following essay, my point of view will be explained.

Undoubtedly, given the fact that everyone has their special talents and interests, they should have a chance to pick what they would like to study. To shed more light on this issue, research shows that more than 70% of the science students believe that participating in history lecture is a waste of time, which clearly illustrates the view of the children.

However, in the modern age, all-rounded education is essential. Although pupils may not enjoy certain subjects, each subject serves specific purposes. As an instance, when Maths and philosophy establish our critical thinking skills and logic system, history provides evidence and background information for us to analyze social issues. Furthermore, serving as a part of philosophic education, students should learn to face difficulties instead of running away. If people are not good at something, they should take a step forward and improve themselves. Taking mandatory courses can give them a push but not let them flee.

In short, to a larger extent, I disagree with the view that the demanding subjects should be put into the optional category. Even the pupils have various gifts, multidiscipline education is necessary at present and children should be taught to conquer the obstacles but not escape from that.


Essay 2:

There are a lot of subjects at school, some of which are relatively hard to study. Therefore, several children want those subjects to be selective, and I totally disagree with that opinion for the reasons I’ll explain later in my essay. Firstly, it’s quite true that Maths, Chemistry, or Philosophy are very complicated and can be daunting as well. They require a clear and accurate understanding of every detail or formula as well as a great deal of intelligence and patience. Whereas not all students are good enough to study subjects like that, some are even scared of them. So evidently, they wish such subjects to be optional instead of compulsory as usual.

However, despite being very difficult, the subjects are immensely important for young people to do anything in their daily life. What is more, significant gaps in basic knowledge can result in some serious consequences. For example, if you don’t spend time learning Maths, you won’t be able to pay your bill or check your salary exactly.

Second, if we make these subjects selective then students only have to study what they like and find it easy for them. Gradually, they might lose the ability to confront and overcome difficulties in study and life because they don’t need to persevere in complicated subjects. Moreover, they might not have the chance to experience feelings of pressure or stress when they strive to do something that is really hard for them. And that lack of the most important survival skill can lead to a lot of failure in their life after finishing school.

Another reason is that Maths or Philosophy can help students develop their logical thoughts and the ability to see kind of beyond things. Thanks to that, they can have more opportunities in their career.

In conclusion, students should try to study all subjects even the difficult ones at school because those will be very helpful for students when they move into the world.

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