Topic 11: Society

Topic 11: Society

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

Some people think the news has no real connection to people’s lives, so reading newspapers or watching news programs on television is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?


Essay 1:


In our modern lives, media outlets have many news programs. But some think the news has no real connection to people’s lives, so reading newspapers or watching news programs on television is a waste of time. I totally disagree with this idea due to several reasons which will be mentioned in this essay.


Firstly, in my opinion, the news provides us a lot of information about all aspects of our society: the economy, monetary policy, the medical sector, etc. All these data relate to our lives. Therefore, we can have plans which are suitable for us. For example, the news about COVID-19 will be very necessary for us. We can know about the number of sick people, infected areas, vaccine production, …From there, we can know how to stay away from dangerous areas.


Secondly, watching news programs will support you in forming a comprehensive viewpoint about daily issues. Not only can you have your own stance when judging any occasions, but you also have more topics to discuss with friends.


Thirdly,  some news looks no relevant to some people. But if they have information, they will help other people. For example, they can tell pupils to stop bullying in schools.


To conclude, it seems to be not a good idea to think that there’s no interrelation between the news and our lives. Therefore, I don’t agree that reading newspapers is a time-wasting activity. And I think that people should read the news to be up-to-date.


Essay 2:

Some people consider that it is a waste of time to watch news programs on TV or read because it does not link to people’s lives. I partly agree with this idea.

We have to admit that means of communication such as newspapers and news programs on TV play an important role in human’s life. It reflects all activities happening in the world and provides us useful information. Reading newspapers and watching the news also helps people have more new knowledge and continually update the state of our society. If we don’t grasp new information we will be out of fashion and miss significant events. For example, that coronavirus killed a million people is updated daily on all means of communication. It is extremely dangerous if people don’t watch TV or read the news to know how to avoid and prevent this epidemic.

On the other hand, newspapers or news programs contain much entertaining news, which is making up most of the news’s content and replacing other social news. It is valuable only to young people but pointless to others who are interested in information about politics, economy…Besides, reporters post fake news making the readers annoyed. Some people are fairly busy with their work and spend time reading newspapers or watching TV to find useful information. Indeed, it is a waste of time to read fake news.

To sum up, newspapers and news programs are useful to people if they meet the readers’ demands. It should provide all information about the economy, politics, culture happening in society. At the same time, reporters should pay attention to the contents of the news.


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