Topic 13: School


Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

Some people believe schoolchildren should help to create rules in their schools. Others say teachers alone should decide what the rules are. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Essay 1:


School rules are supposed as a tool to straighten and adjust children’s behaviors in order to create an orderly learning environment and teach children to comply with rules and stipulations established in school no matter who made them.

Some school stipulations are created to help children to become high discipline persons who will never give up when dealing with difficulties in life, with strict discipline they always have good self-control that helps them to get more success in future. In order to encourage children to follow up the rules, schools should make advantaged conditions for schoolchildren to join in creating simple rules such as not stepping on the grass plot, no picking flowers, creating the rules to turn on the air conditioners in class… because these make them feel excited to follow up their rules. Besides that, letting them create rules also brings a lot of benefits such as encouraging kids to own their living environment, impulsing creative thinking, and building teamwork spirit in the school. These are a foundation for kids to become future owners of the country.

However, schoolchildren sometimes are not grown enough to understand what rules should be applied in school then teachers always play an important role in creating school stipulations. Firstly, based on education viewpoints and specific circumstances, just teachers can catch up with all problems arising in school then create suitable rules to control and straighten students into the frame in time. Secondly, just teachers have got enough power to create rules or stipulations then applied disciplines to schoolchildren. In my opinion, depending on the extent and scope of stipulations schools can decide if children should be encouraged to join because children need to be trained to be future owners of their country.

In conclusion, school rules or stipulations need to be informed and explained clearly before applying then schoolchildren can understand and follow up the rules; besides, some rules need to get ideas from children, then they will become familiar with creating and complying with the rules.

Essay 2:

There has been a major topic of concern over the right of making rules for school-related issues in today’s society. Although some people think that learners should be entitled to giving the rules for school activities themselves, it is more prevalently believed that only masters have enough ability to do it.

On the one hand, some people advocate for the idea that teenagers should be given the right to make rules for the school-related basis for several reasons. A primary reason for this is that students are prone to comply with the rules which they recommended formerly. In common cases where learners refuse to obey the regulations, the rules are often given by the school managers or instructors instead of based on students’ desires. Hence, some teenager learners sometimes find these rules unreasonable to stick to, which results in their rule-breaking. However, if these rules were created based on students’ ideas, they would not be opposed by learners. As a result, teachers are likely to manage class activities more effectively without schoolchildren opposition. Another reason to support the students’ participation in the school rule-making process is to make learners feel the school spirit of democracy that will encourage them to study more obediently at school. An excellent illustration is that giving students the right of designing their own school uniforms such as choosing their favorite color and patterns can motivate them to wear these uniforms more frequently on school regular basis. This is completely comprehensive because students do not have to put on the compulsory set of clothes which they do not like and have a feel of being respected.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that teachers should occupy the position of making school rules because of some significant reasons. The main reason is that masters are more mature and more professional to create rules that teenagers who do have the necessary education knowledge. It is obvious that teachers are trained and provided with scientific knowledge that helps students grow up in a proper way. In contrast, young learners sometimes prefer doing something that may do harm to them unintentionally. Therefore, teachers are the appropriate rule-makers to keep students away from negative impacts and educate them on how to avoid these fatal traps in their future life. Moreover, young student’s desires vary, which can never be completely fulfilled. Besides, there is a set of social norms which teenagers may not like but still will have to respect if they want to get on with other members in the community. Teachers impose school laws on young learners and make them get accustomed to obeying the community norms in their life, which is really vital for these learners.

In conclusion, despite the advocation of some people for giving students rights to make school rules, I firmly concur that teachers are the more appropriate people to do it for the aforementioned reasons. However, it will be likely for young learners to comply with the school rules more obediently if these school principles are made based on the ideas of both teachers and students.


Essay 3:

There is a controversial debate about whether schoolchildren should play a part in creating regulations in their places of study. Parts of the public agree with this, while others focus on the sole role of teachers. In my opinion, students are the center of attention in these institutions; therefore, their voices in the rules-making process must be regarded with serious consideration.

Those claiming teachers should be the only element to create the regulations think that children are not mature enough for such decisions. This kind of stereotype negatively limits their ability. The mind of such young kids has nothing of favoritism or racism and what they say is straightforward to the matter in such a way that cannot be ignored by adults. Hence, it is wise to believe that discipline will be obeyed better when people take their children’s thoughts into account in the process of making rules for them.

People who are in favor of this issue state that the participation of children in such cases is a great way to educate them. Within the process of creating these laws, children are taught many important skills, such as how to be logical and reasonable when making arguments, how to reach a compromise with each other and with their teachers, and how to defend themselves against counterarguments in an appropriate manner. These activities are essential for children to be successful in their future, especially when things get more complicated, and they have to deal with many obstacles in their daily life.

In conclusion, children must not be overlooked when considering their importance to the process of creating regulations for their schools. Also, I recommend children be carefully supervised by their teachers to ensure that their help is relevant to the general rules applied to their school.


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