Topic 12: Economy

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:


Some people say that supermarkets and manufacturers have a responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging on products they sell. Others believe that it is the consumer’s responsibility to avoid buying products that have a lot of packaging. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Essay 1:

Nowadays, there is a huge concern about environmental problems, especially ones related to plastic bags. While many people believe that it is the responsibility of supermarkets and makers to reduce the amount of packaging they use on their products, others say that customers must avoid products that have much packaging of plastic. Both views will be discussed in this essay. In my opinion, I believe that collaborative efforts should be taken by both manufacturers and buyers. However, makers should be mainly responsible for this issue.

On the one hand, manufacturers are the roots of this problem. They directly produce products and decide what kind of materials used for packaging, so they must have significant responsibility for limiting materials causing pollution. They can replace plastic with environmentally friendly materials. For example, makers and stores can use wrappers made from paper or leaves which are not harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, consumers also play an important role in reducing packaging causing pollution. They can avoid buying products that have a lot of packaging. If customers reduce or completely stop using those kinds of products, the supermarkets and makers will be decreased in the number of sales as well as production. As a result, makers have to adjust the materials of wrappers. Thus, it is clear that buyers have a key role to play in tackling this issue.

In conclusion, makers and buyers must collaborate well to reduce the amount of packaging causing pollution as much as possible.

Essay 2:

These days, plastic pollution resulting from packaging has been a major issue. Many people say that manufacturers and supermarkets are in charge of reducing the amount of packaging, whereas others argue that it must be the consumers’ responsibility. From my perspective, both opinions have several merits, the problem of packaging cannot be solved from only one side.

On the one hand, supermarkets as well as manufacturers can take advantage of plastic packaging. In fact, it presents a feeling of hygiene. To illustrate this point, consumers may feel uncomfortable when they see the products touched by many others. Supermarkets charge customers more on the packaging because of not only its price but also the perception that the packaged products evoke high quality. While corporations pocket the profits, the populace is left to deal with the waste.

On the other hand, most customers are actually not aware of environmental issues during shopping for groceries. In reality, whether the products are overpackaged or not, it is not their concern, it is the taste and the quality that they concern about. For example, an ordinary consumer hardly ever cares about how the plastic wrap will be disposed of after being used. If the trash is out of his sight, then it is out of his mind and will be someone else’s problem.

In a nutshell, while I agree that this issue is exacerbated by customers’ choice, manufacturers and chain retailers are also partly to blame, both of them should take action to save this planet.

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