Topic 14: Education

Write an essay (150 – 300 words) about this topic:

Some people think that it is a waste of time for school students to study nature. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Nature is an indispensable part of human’s daily life, thus it is the main subject in a large number of countries. However, there are strong arguments in the public against studying the natural environment, mostly based on the thought that spending time studying nature is most wasteful.

It is clear that the need for enhancing the knowledge of the natural environment has significantly declined for years. An obvious reason is that students have to learn many other subjects at school, which results in a reduction of necessary time for studying and reviewing nature. In addition, many people believe in a false assumption that the environment is familiar around them and there is no point in studying something that they have experienced since they were born.

In my opinion, nature has been an integral part of humanity in the entire evolution of the human species. Learning about nature provides insights into the relationship between species and many important events which occurred a long time ago that shape our lives today. From this knowledge, many challenges can be solved. For example, there was once a time that the average temperature on the globe has been much higher than the current average temperature. By discovering how nature reacts and adapts to this unusual incident at that time, it can potentially help us to tackle the problem of global warming.

Another reason to counter the opponents of studying nature is that we still do not know much about it. Although humans have achieved many breakthroughs in understanding how nature works, they still have to face many unanswered questions. They just know little of the total species on the earth and even many parts of themselves are still a mystery. Consequently, explorations into the unknown are extremely essential for further understanding of our natural world and humans themselves, which requires considerable time for studying.

In conclusion, I completely disagree with the idea to stop learning nature and schools must encourage the students to take nature into account more seriously.



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